SJB Abundance Farms is a synergistic farm and garden company that brings ornamental landscaping and food production together in a beautiful, interdependent harmony. From custom landscapes to fruit and vegetable plantings, and even mini-farm design, our goal is to supply everything you need to turn your homeplace – large or small – into a place of abundance.

We create beautiful, yet practical landscapes designed to last with little upkeep for years, despite Florida’s harsh climate. Bromeliads, grown here at our nursery, are key to our landscapes.

Food production aspects include fruit tree plantings and SIP grow-box vegetable garden service.

SJB Abundance Farms is also home to small herd of pedigreed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats that will soon be producing milk for artisan cheese. Kids will be available in the spring.


Unique portfolio of plants 

We specialize in rare and unique plants that together create a landscape that always looks good, regardless of frost and other challenges inherent in gardening in this area. They are also designed to be practical. No picky plants in our landscapes! 



Coming soon: Catholic shrines and garden art.

We offer two types of custom-built outdoor shrines, a formal one with tile, and a more rustic one made with native Florida limestone. We also offer a unique form of garden art: Garden picture shrines.


Bromeliads are our specialty, and our signature landscapes are centered around these colorful and easy to care for plants. We use large anchors such as palms as well as other plants to complement the bromeliads of your choosing.

Fruit planting and Permaculture beds – After years of experience in Golden Gate Estates, we have found a combination of fruit trees that thrives and produces well in a permaculture setting. Choose between many different fruit tree options such as citrus, banana, pineapple, and sugarcane. We can also mix in ornamental trees and plants as well!

COMING SOON: Vegetable Grow-boxes

Want to grow a garden but don't have time to care for it? Or, have you tried and it JUST WON'T GROW?! We have a solution for you: closed-system grow-box service. We will design a garden according to your needs and preferences, then set it up with our proprietary growing medium which is mineral-adjusted for the particular crop, as well as to produce the most nutritious produce. Each installation comes with one year of care service, after the first year you may choose your level of service: re-plant only or full-care. 


In addition to our fruit and vegetable upkeep and maintenance programs, we also do plain, ol' lawnmowing. Sorry, no lawncare service - mowing only.