Bromeliads: beautiful, versatile and tough! Sun or shade, large or small, bold colors or soft, striking patterns or intricate ones, the potential of bromeliads is unlimited. There is a bromeliad that is perfect for every location and taste!

Bromeliads thrive on neglect. They are epiphytes (airplants) and will grow happily between rocks or on wood - no soil required! They do not need fertilizer when grown outside, and only require water during the hottest, driest months of the year. Just make sure their cups don't go dry for too long.

We have over 100 varieties of bromeliads in cultivation here on the farm, and constantly bring in rare and unusual varieties from the best bromeliad nurseries in Florida. Our goal is to have the widest selection of bromeliads in SW Florida.

We create beautiful, practical landscapes based on bromeliads. We carefully coordinate the colors of the plants, as well as the color of your home. Then we pair the bromeliads with other accent plants of contrasting and complementary textures. When doing a landscape job, we bring an array of bromeliads suited to your project, and you choose the ones you like best!

Bromeliads slowly fade away after blooming, and are replaced by "pups". You may leave this natural cycle to carry on naturally, but for more formal locations you may want them at their peak at all times.  We offer annual and bi-annual plans to keep your bromeliads looking their very best at all times. This is also great when there's an issue with frost or sun burned bromeliads. We will switch out your old, tired plants with new, fresh ones for a flat fee, depending on the number of bromeliads originally installed.

Bromeliads are great for brightening up shady locations. The vrisea genus, with its exquisite patterns is especially good for shady spots.

The Cryptanthus are small, shade-loving bromeliads with a very unusual, sea creature-like shape! They have fabulous, intricate patterns, and some are almost electric pink!

Many bromeliads of the aechmea genus are hard-working sun lovers. Many aechmeas are very large. Pictured at right is the very popular Aechmea "Samurai".

Bromeliads make fabulous container plants. We offer pottery with pre-designed arrangements, and do custom pottery orders and arrangements as well.

Some bromeliads, most notably the neoregelias, are cherished for the colors and patterns of their foliage. With others, such as this tillandsia "Antonio" their blossom is the focal point. Bromeliad blossoms tend to be long-lasting, oftentimes for several months!