We bring in top quality citrus of your choice, deliver and install. Our selection is almost limitless, as we get our trees from Florida's top suppliers' not to mention our frequent "treasure hunts" all over Florida. Just let us know what you want! Available in sizes up to 45 gal.

We offer sturdy banana plants, 3'-6' tall, of three varieties: Blue Java, or Ice Cream banana, Dwarf Namwa, and Orinoco, also known as burro banana. The Blue Java produces small bananas of very high quality. The Orinoco is more of a plantain type, and comes in both standard and dwarf versions. They make great fried plantains, and are also good for eating fresh when fully ripe. We have experimented with many bananas, but these three are the only ones we have found so far that produce reliably here in Golden Gate Estates.

Home-grown pineapples are THE BEST! We have the "grocery store" variety, as well as the white "Sugarloaf" type. Both are incredibly delicious. All pineapples have good ornamental appeal (after all, they're bromeliads!), but the "Sugarloaf" is especially ornamental, with its red-tinged leaves.

Besides citrus, bananas and pineapples, we can get just about any other fruit tree that exists in Florida. Just let us know what you're looking for!