is a near-perfect food; with it’s wealth of nutrients, is truly a super-food and nutrition power-house, that is well tolerated by and those with protein sensitivities (allergies etc).

1. The “Milk Cure”, of the early 1900’s, used raw (cow) milk only to cure a wide range of ailments, including kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dropsy, stomach ailments, psoriasis, anemia, inc. perniciouse anemia, etc.
2. Goat milk has had a long—standing reputation for being easy to digest, non—allergenic, and healing to the digestive system and the skin.
3. Raw goat milk is the over-all top food for maximizing Glutathione. Whey provides all the key amino acids for glutathione production (cysteine, glycine and glutamate), and contains a unique cysteine residue (glutamylcysteine) that is highly bioactive in its affinity for converting to glutathione. Glutamylcysteine is a bonded cysteine molecule (cysteine + glutamate) that occurs in albumin. Pasteurization reduces the glutathione-boosting nutrients by about 45%. Goat milk contains ahnost 3 times more cystine than cow milk.
4. Raw milk contains multiple components that actively fight pathogenic bacteria. It has even been used successfully as a remedy for pinkeye and earache. It has also been reported to be successfully to treat persons afflicted with worms and to protect from further infestation.
5. ls rich in medium chain-fatty acids, which have anti—inflammatory and healing effects on the digestive tract. It is also strongly anti-bacterial and anti-ftmgal (kills candida).
6. Goat milk is an excellent source of taurine. Taurine deficiency may be a cause of Parkinson’s disease.   More on Taurine
7. Contains beneficial bacteria and oligopolysaccharides, prebiotics that feed beneficial bacteria.
8. ls a excellent, safe source of raw, animal protein.
9. Raw milk contains IgA and IgG secretory antibodies which which kill pathogens and heal the digestive tract. It is also present in saliva, and is the reason mouth injuries normally heal so rapidly.
10. Grass-fed goat milk is a good source of Vitamin A, which is important for healing the
intestinal lining.
11. Raw, Grass-fed milk is a good source of Calcium, vitamin D and Vitamin E.
12. Goat milk has 27% more selenium than cow milk, and the results of study indicated that it increase bio—availability of selenium and zinc.
13. Goat milk is a good source of copper.

The Milk Cure

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Goat milk soothes digestive tract; taurine, nucleotides, medium-chain fatty acids (do not requrie bile), prebiotics


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