God’s Law vs. Man’s Law

Who do we choose to follow and influence our decision making? Is it the Lord and Saviour? Or is it the laws governing Man’s complex social structure? Many people may see a stark difference between the two. Then there are some that say we are to accept Man’s ways in order to coexist. What is it that both these things have in common? What is their differences? Are we doomed to fall from grace when we live and participate in society? Do we seek to separate ourselves from these supposed heathens and sinners?
There are many questions that come to my mind when I try to understand these two seemingly simple laws and ways. From a moral standpoint and a doctrinal viewpoint societies laws are not much different from God’s. There are key differences worked within their designs to free those in power so they can manipulate this so-called system of laws set in place that govern our way of life. Answering these questions posed in the beginning will give those who are unsure a firm ground from which to analyze the environment they live in. To question the world’s direction towards faith and its ethics is good and healthy only when your faith in Gods laws are absolute. To waver in any way will have you sacrificing your faith for a moral standpoint centered on Man’s hopes to make all equal. Equality is set forth from the commands God gave us to earn our freedom from this life’s atrocities.
Equality is a hope that keeps us all bound together under the love of God. The difference in God’s version of those who are equal comes from the faith in Him, and what was set forth through the Ten Commandments. These Commandments were left in the caring hands of Saint Peter on whom our Church was founded. It was built on the body and blood of Jesus first, and here is where most think to say that these rules of law to govern how people treat others can change. I state this, because He is One that we are hard pressed to understand as His purposeful walk towards our salvation cannot be repeated by any human living. A man can be related to in many ways because we all understand what it means to be human in this life.
Man’s version of what laws are supposed to be, can be subject to change based upon what is considered right or proper at the time. This is dangerous because if live for proper manners then we forget what we are meant to do when confronted with sin and vice. Manners are good only when they do not conflict with faith, hope, and charity. These three virtues have something in common and it is honesty. Manners when set forth by a societal standard remove these aspects for the sake of vanity or pride. These sins are powerful if left unchecked by our constant vigilance towards venial sin. No one is exempt from these either.
The crisis of the papacy in our times has proven that man’s law can penetrate even into the highest levels of this sacred Church. Man is a sinful creature that if not firm in his beliefs and cooperative with God’s grace, can, so very slowly, be overcome by venial sin. How are we to explain this as the pope is as infallible as the Church is? The highest clergy allowed the enemies of the Church to take over and replace the Catholic religion with a completely new one. But how could they have done this? This is true because if a human mind is leading the way there is room to infect it by evil inclination.
Evil is like a cancer in our hearts and souls. To keep it from taking root we must be ever vigilant to remain firm in our way of life. Otherwise, we will give in ever so slowly to the small insignificant actions separating us from feeling Gods presence. Many still wonder what any of this has to do with the morals Catholics have today. It is very clear that most had become (and still are) weekend warriors who only are Catholic on Fridays, Sundays, and major Holy Days. Otherwise, how could we come to a point where a man is so widely accepted as pope, who endorses homosexuality, as we have today ? Who claims that the fabric that holds us to a standard that was good for over 2,000 years set forth by our Savior upon his Sacrifice is no longer fashionable and can be subject to change. These changes come from a perspective of Man’s illusion that what can be grasped by him is for him to own, control, and subjugate. How else do we explain the crisis we as Catholics face when trying to adhere to our way of life? Is it our principles we are allowing to be eroded away from the foundation set forth? Or is it the so-called manners that prevent us from speaking up and challenging those who seek to undermine our faiths foundation rooted in the truth we feel within our souls?
The main principle we must adhere to and not waver from is honesty. This principle is centered on why you are to not be deceitful to yourself, others, or the intentions you have towards the path God shows us to walk in this life. The problem between Man’s law and God’s is simple. Man’s law is subject to your interpretation and leaves God as an after-thought. This allows us to create any illusion we want to in order to explain away our actions. Illusions are dangerous because we slowly alter them if it doesn’t fit into the picture we want to paint for the direction of our life. Small little white lies lead to an overall illusion of our own devising that we think makes us happy while on this earth. This illusion is to cope with life’s overwhelming emotions felt by all people. What people in the Faith and outside of it do not seek to grasp is what these illusions really mean for us.
These illusions are disguised by society as trends. After a prolonged period of time, trends become the standard for others to judge someone on. It can be fashion, the latest diet, our religion, or even a certain political view. Trends are dangerous because they alter the fabric of our thoughts and make us subject to the will of others just to be accepted. This thought process delegates us from the honest simple truths God has instilled within us by him, for Him, and to love Him by. It then leaves us to the deathly sins that remove all sense of purpose for God’s grace in us.
This is the basis of American society. We alter and amend laws to allow for trends to sway the standard normal away from faith-based morals. This is every aspect of our lifestyle. Whether it is the civil, criminal, or constitutional laws it is built for man to govern man. Whether its legalizing gay marriage, sentencing people to death without formal due process or a chance for reform (when appropriate), allowing the current political agenda to alter our thoughts by adopting a certain narrative from catholic morals, or even allowing a “pope” to alter traditions that have been adhered to since the foundation of the papacy. These trends are cancerous because they attack the very foundation of our faith in God and remove us from the feeling He blesses us with. This feeling directs us on our road for life. We all have encountered it in some way or form.
Gods feeling is engrained deep within us. So much so that when we commit a grievous sin to detach us from Him we get a horrible feeling deep within us. This can be ignored and gotten used to as we are creatures born from pain and discomfort. Most choose to float through life in blissful ignorance allowing others to paint the illusion of grandeur. Then we build upon it through suppression of the feeling God gives us for self-reflection and correction. This suppression can come from abuse in any legal or illegal substance to alter our state of mind to not feel God.
The difference between these two types of ruling factors comes down to adherence towards moral standards of the Catholic faith. If we allow others to alter or influence this, it then can be slowly given up to live for society and its ever changing trends. Each trend is extreme in nature until it is overtaken by time and constant judgement if not followed properly by society’s standards. It is not all that difficult to be a Catholic. It is very difficult to live and be a part of a society that is constantly shifting and altering its standpoint to integrate their next trend. All these trends are illusions designed to take you slowly away from God. Each time we do not do our duty and give in to a proper moral standpoint from society’s laws (whether criminal or moral), we become more influenced by these lies.
What is clear is the removal of honesty from yourself and others. When we stray from this there is no one except the clergy to try to right the course of a sinner’s life. We as a people must not give in to this concept because if it is only up to the clergy to say you are doing a wrong then when they’re not around, who then is there to remind us of our sinful nature? Outside of the Church no one does for fear of judgement. This then puts more strain on our members of clergy and makes them subject to the same instances we are so feeling. This is how the Faith’s foundation is eroded. By changing the people who try to adhere to it, not changing the way it is supposed to be enforced.
Except for ourselves and those who we consider to be friends, the people in our lives are the ones who are to help us understand the nature of Gods purpose for us while we are here. If this is done by the Catholic teachings we can remind those of the inclination to sin and seek an understanding of why we fell from God’s grace.
To speak up and be honest with our peers is a form of judgement. It isn’t to condemn them as the Jews did Jesus. It is as Jesus kindly reminded those who sought to suppress others through damnation, that we are all sinners. But, if we adhere to the laws and teachings that founded our Faith, we can find salvation in listening to those who point out our flaws for correction. Then we can walk with the person towards salvation instead of leaving them behind for our own selfish purposes. This is said as honesty is a double-edged sword in that if you speak up and use it, you must do something about it. The act thereof of honesty is only one part of it. The other part is the why, and this is for us to also help others.
Most want judgement, free from the responsibility to help others who are in need of it towards adherence to the faith. This is society’s difference with this form of direction as it seeks to condemn and shame others. God’s law states that we are to love, honor, and cherish one another. We are so hesitant to speak up because we are then obligated to help those we considered to have wandered off the path God has set before us all by adherence to His rule of law.
This is the problem we face today as traditional Catholics in a modern-day society. If we seek to help others by addressing sin and vice through doctrinal teachings, we are bombarded with many of societies standards to silence us through intimidation and fear. This tactic is predatory in nature as it seeks out our connection with God’s grace, and removes it by preying on your fears. Fear can motivate your or paralyze you. The difference is very clear as the fear God shows us always has a way of leading us up the mountain towards His grace. The fear motivated by the Master of Lies seeks to make us into a version of what others think is right or proper.
Gods way of life motivates us by adherence where society’s understandings are to motivate you to embrace change in every form. Both can be centered on love, but only one way makes us all equal in the eyes of God. The other way puts those into a class system where the only way for acceptance is to follow the current trend. This will then allow you to move up within this system of laws built upon the ruling body society has established for that time.
It is a very precarious road to walk with purpose for God’s intentions but we do have one thing to remind us of our failings. This is the feeling God instills within us all. Our faults and sins trigger this feeling when we sin. The difference between God’s law and Man’s is, as I said, simple. God seeks correction through love and understanding of why we sin. Society tells us what we’ve done is wrong and tells us to adhere to a way of life dictated by the current rule of law. Laws of man are subject to change as the trends change. Gods law has and will always be absolute. It is up to us to choose whether we want to be a part of Gods way of life, or if we succumb to society’s pressure for change by a standard created by man.
The choice is ours to be one with God by accepting his rule of law over His Creation, or to climb up the social class system man has set forth to judge their fellow peers on through intimidation and fear. One works through honesty and the other by lies and condemnation. We all know and understand which is which as we are born with the feeling to tell the difference.