Mini-farming is beneficial in so many ways! It give you the very highest quality food, while saving money, and giving you a healthy, daily source of exercise outside in the sunshine and fresh air! Of course, it is good clean recreation. My “system” is designed to combine beauty with utility, while keeping the time and money investment as low as possible. It's about making the most of what you've got!


Permaculture means Permanent Agriculture. This term refers to a range of methods, some of which I think are unrealistic. But, since any permanent agriculture qualifies, then this is a form of permaculture.

Permaculture works with Nature, instead of against it. It gently turns it in our favor, without breaking all of it's rules.

Soil organisms are very important for plant life, and the production of quality, nutrient dense food.  Mychorhyzae are fungi that grows on plant roots. They reduce the minerals into a form the plant can take up. Thus, nutrition is vastly increased by these fungi. These, and other soil micro-organism also live, reproduce, die, and degrade. This is a major source of nitrogen for the soil. Chemical fertilizers kill the soil organisms. Tilling the soil disrupts them as well. The best then, is a healthy, natural situation where the soil is left undisturbed, and gently fed with manure or compost. Manure is especially good, as it is very rich in beneficial bacteria.

Plant growth shouldn't be “pushed” for maximum production. This results in lower mineral content. Plants accumulate mineral as they take up water, and evaporate. It takes time.


In order to take the best advantage of your resources, it is best to design your place in accord with nature. If you have an especially fertile spot, where the weeds grow extra thick and lush, then use that for something that needs really good soil. A spot where things look a little scrubby? Use that spot for a building, or something that doesn't use the soil, like fish culture, or plant something (like a mulberry) that can grow anywhere. The east and south sides of the house are micro-climates, so that's the place for something that grows just outside your range. If the the house is concrete, brick or stone, the west side will hold heat if it gets afternoon sun.



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