Unique portfolio of plants 

We specialize in rare and unique plants that together create a landscape that always looks good, regardless of frost. Our landscapes are designed to be practical in all aspects. No picky plants! 



Inland Climates  

SJB Abundance Farms was founded in inland SW Florida, which has an extremely challenging climate. are our specialty after years of experience in the area. Over the years we have learned what works and what doesn’t, and we want to share our expertise with you. We also know you have other things to do, besides caring for your landscape and garden. That's why our landscapes are designed to be low-maintenance.

A solution for those trouble spots!

Have a spot where NOTHING seems to grow? Fix it with a bromeliad rock garden. We use natural Florida limestones to create bromeliad rock-arrangements. It won't matter what's wrong with the soil because the bromeliads will grow happily between the rocks! You may choose between white, newly-mined rock, or aged rock, which is darkened and may have moss. Our rock-arrangements are also the ideal solution if you love bromeliads, but struggle with them due to soggy soil. 


We offer a wide choice of ground covers, you may choose mulch, rock, or gravel from an extensive palette, which can be color-coordinated with your home and choice of plants. Edging choices include the standard types, as well as our natural Florida limestone, which makes a beautiful, yet economical edging for less formal landscapes and gardens. Great if you want to edge an extensive area!


Bromeliads are our specialty, and our signature landscapes are centered around these colorful and easy to care for plants. We use large anchors such as palms as well as other plants that complement the bromeliads.

Fruit planting and Permaculture beds – After years of experience in a frost-prone area of Florida, we have found a combination of fruit trees that thrives and produces well in a permaculture setting. Choose between many different fruit tree options such as citrus, banana, pineapple, and sugarcane. We can also mix in ornamental trees and plants as well!

Rocks and rock gardens – You have the choice between mulch and our extensive pallet of rock ground covers and edging. Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio, you can choose a covering that can be color coordinated with your home and choice of plants.

Catholic Shrines and Garden Art:

We offer custom-built shrines, complementing a unique type of Catholic religious garden art.

Landscape makeovers or remodels:

We specialize in landscape make-overs. If your yard is out of control, we can clean it up, and come up with a design that works, so it stays that way with little care. When we do a remodel, we take care to build around your existing plants and trees they become become the anchors of your brand-new, but well-established landscape!

Garden Care Service 

We’ll help you bring your property to its maximum potential and keep it that way!

Plant Gallery

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Crepe myrtle

Crepe myrtle

Crepe myrtle

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Lily of the Nile, blue


Lily of the Nile, white

aec blanchetiana
acalypha pink
aec. blanchetiana 'Lemonade'

Bromeliad, Aec. Blanchetiana 'Orange'. Sun


Acalypha, pink

Bromeliad, Aec. blanchetiana 'Lemonade'. Sun


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acalypha pink

Acalypha pink. sun/shade


Acalypha, white sun/shade


Gold sedum

croton petra

Bromeliad, Neo. 'Painted Nails'. Sun or shade


Ti plant

Variegated sansevieria. Sun or shade


blue agaves small
maria resize

Bromeliad, Neo. 'Maria' part sun/ shade


Aec. chantinii  'De Leon' Sun/shade