Abundance Mini-Farmsteads offers all you need to get set up with a unique hobby farm designed to produce 80% of your family’s food in a highly efficient manner, in an attractive setting that integrates with the landscaping.

· Grow up 80% of your own food – over 50 varieties of food.

· Nutritionally balanced, with a wide variety of both plant and animal foods

· Optimal, no-waste systems conserve space and minimize need for outside inputs and labor.

· Attractive design integrates into the landscaping.

What are the Benefits of Hobby Farming?

Food Quality, Raw Milk, Exercise, Sunshine, and Fresh Air.

The Good Life.

Start a Mini-Farmstead

SynerGY: interdependence

The Abundance Mini-Farmstead utilizes multiple types of agriculture, one being permaculture - Permanent Agriculture.

Consultation and Coaching