A farm just isn't complete with a dog and cat. They have their purposes on the farm, in the past they weren't pets! Panthers and bears are a problem here, as well as the usual racoons, rabbits, rats, mice and birds.
I have a Belgian Malinois, one high-powered (crazy) dog! The main reason I have him so I feel secure at dusk and dawn, when the panthers and bears come out. I get the message from him, he's up to personal protection as well. If he were properly trained, he'd make a livestock guardian, but I haven't managed to convince him not to take down the livestock! I'm not the best at dog-training, and I just don't have time.

A new project is dog-drafting. I will update on that project as it goes. Until then, here are some links:

The cats are a new project as well. The dog isn't that great at catching rats, and they ate my citrus this year! The fruit-eating birds kind of ignore the dog as well. Convincing the dog to like the cat, will be a project, but I've done it before.



We have a small herd of fine pedigreed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Blood-lines from among the best and working to improve! Does available now; kids will be available in March-April.

Chickens, ducks and bees also available at times. Please call for availability.


Tanya’s Dream Summit

– at 7 months old

The CT Tupelo

– at 7 months old


IMG_4897 (1)

Chi Rho Mocha

Lac et Mel Sahara

Lac et Mel Sierra

Chi Rho Caramel Corn

Lac et Mel Sweet Pea

Lac et Mel Caprina

Chi Rho Shi Shi Ka