What are the Benefits of Hobby Farming?

Food Quality

The quality and nutritional content of farm fresh food far exceeds that of conventional super-market food. Conventionally grown produce is typically lower in nutritional value, both because of mineral-stripped fields, as well as the loss of vitamins during shipping and storage. Studies have shown vitamin and mineral reductions from 16%-76% since the 1940’s. This applies not only to fruits and vegetables, but to animal products as well. Animals are pushed for extremely fast growth and heavy production: think fast-farming! Furthermore, most farm animals are raised on grain-based diets with various fillers, instead of the natural pastures. Meat, dairy and eggs from pasture-raised animals are higher in nutrition, and also contain correct balances of certain nutrients.

Raw Milk

Raw milk is something that is next to impossible to have without your own goats or cow. While it is possible to buy it some places, I would not recommend it due the long time it’s been in transport. In the old days they had a milk man who brought fresh milk daily! Nothing beats having your own daily supply of fresh, pastured milk!

Exercise, Sunshine and Fresh Air.

The way it was meant to be: productive. You work for something. All the better if that’s done in the sunshine (link: sunshine) and fresh air! (link: negative ions). Nowadays you are supposed to PAY to get exercise in an ugly gym, under artificial lights breathing stale air. No wonder people struggle to make themselves exercise! (link: exercise). (Post stories about super-centenarians here)


Good life:

Being outside, in peace and quiet, surround by God’s creation is the perfect recreation. It is spiritually uplifting. The companionship of animals is a good thing as well; what could be better than pets that feed you! It’s also great to give children something good and productive to do. (link: love in all

Saves money.

Many people will tell you that you can’t save money producing your own food. It’s true, it’s very easy to spend more than you save, if you don’t have a solid, efficient system and a good budget plan. But it certainly can be done, and I will show you how in my book.


Food is the one thing we cannot go without. So, having your own supply of food gives security against job losses etc.

Occupation for children.