Frost-Hardy Palms etc.

Bismark palms

Hardy palms suited to inland S. Florida, and Golden Gate Estates. 25 gal.


Pindo Palm

This beautiful, palm is extremely frost hardy, and looks best in part sun to full shade. Matures at 15'-20'. 30...



CLUSIA          7 GAL    $18



SOUTHERN RED CEDAR 3 Gal.      $10


HAMELIA 3 Gal.       $10 Coming soon.

American beautyberry

BEAUTYBERRY 3 Gal.      $10 Coming soon!

Wild coffee

WILD COFFEE 3 gal. $10 Coming soon!


PINE CONE GINGER 3 gal.    $8 Coming soon!

Spiral Ginger costus scaber

SPIRAL GINGER, costus scaber 3 gal.         $8 Coming soon!

FIRECRACKER PLANT, Russellia equisetiformis

FIRECRACKER PLANT 3 gal       $8 Coming soon!

Crinum, white

7 gal        $15               HUGE! More than 10 available.

Hawaiian Ti

Gorgeous purple/fuschia pink/wine foliage in shade. Can be damaged by frost, but recovers quickly.

Macho fern

Sturdy ferns, prolific, prefers shade, but tolerates some sun.

Mexican petunia

Another workhorse plant, beautiful purple flowers all summers. Thrives in sun to part shade. Prolific.

Copperleaf, acalypha wilkesiana

This one is a workhorse in the garden! Brings a heavy shot of color, and recovers rapidly after a frost....

Agave americana

Gorgeous blue cactus-like plants, extremely tough, never needs water or fertilizer and is completely frost hardy! All sizes available. Coming...

Clerodendron paniculatum

Beautiful reddish orange flowers on a fast growing shrub. Not frost hardy, but recovers rapidly.


Swamp lily

Large plant, sun or shade, fragrant blossoms.