Lawn mowing and general yard upkeep 

We do lawn-mowing at $120 per lawn; includes up to two hours of mowing and trimming. This is adequate for most lawns. Those that require more time due to being very large, over-grown or rough are charged at a rate of $55 per additional hour. Our service is cutting only; we do not do general lawn-care, fertilizing etc. 



Fruit Tree Upkeep  

Full service fruit tree installation and maintenance. We provide the trees, install them and then prune and fertilize them at the proper times, with our own organic, mineral-enhanced fertilizer, customized for each type of tree. All you have to do is harvest!

Grow-Box Gardens

How about having a vegetable garden that all you do is harvest from? We install grow-boxes, filled with special mineral-enhanced growing medium. Boxes are replanted 3 times per year, and maintained in-between.

Bromeliads planting upkeep

Bromeliads are very low maintenance plants, requiring very little attention to look their best. However, they may be damaged by frost in unprotected locations, and can be disfigured by sun burn in the late spring and early summer. They also require occasional thinning, as they multiply slowly. We take care of all of that, by simply replacing disfigured plants, and thinning the over-grown ones.